Who Reports?

Medical Center Mandated Reporters

Penal Code section 11165.7 lists over thirty-five categories of professionals or individuals who are mandated reporters. Among these are:

  • physicians and surgeons
  • residents and interns
  • RNs
  • psychiatrists, psychologists, psychological assistants
  • social workers
  • EMT I or II or paramedics
  • any person who performs autopsies
  • dentists, dental hygienists
  • podiatrists
  • optometrists
  • clergy (unless information obtained during a "penitential communication")


For a complete list see the Penal Code, or contact Social Services or Risk Managment. However, any medical center employee can ask social services to investigate a suspicious situation.

If more than one mandated reporter is involved, they can mutually decide upon one person to report.  Mandated reporters must identify themselves on the report, but this information is kept confidential.

Other mandated reporters include:

  • teachers, teacher’s aides and school administrators
  • police
  • commercial film processors
  • animal control officers