This website is intended to assist affiliated healthcare personnel of Stanford University Medical Center and the surrounding community with questions about recognition and management of suspected child abuse.


Child abuse is defined in the California State Penal Code to include:

  • intentional physical injury to a child less than 18 years of age, inflicted by another
  • sexual abuse
  • neglect
  • permitting to be or willfully endangering the person or health of a child
  • unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering
  • unlawful corporal punishment
  • abuse or neglect in out-of-home care


[See Reporting for definition details.]


Within this website you will find information about screening, assessing, documenting, referring, and reporting suspected child abuse and neglect.  The site also includes:

  • short video tutorials
  • useful hotlines
  • educational resources and references.


This information can help healthcare personnel play a vitally important role in monitoring not only the health but the well being of children, since the healthcare system provides a unique opportunity for private and safe communication.

Children are our future. How we treat them reflects upon and subsequently determines the nature of our society.

Please provide feedback if there is something missing from this website that you would find helpful. Also, see Frequently Asked Questions.

Do You Have an Immediate Problem?

Social WorkLPCH 7-8303
SHC 3-5091
ED - page SW
(SW can activate 
SCAN Team)


Risk Management3-6824

Palo Alto Police(650) 329-2413

Report Child Abuse:

Santa Clara County 
(408) 299-2071

San Mateo County
(800) 632-4615

PDF DocumentAll California
County CPS

If Sexual Abuse is Suspected

Do NOT perform a genital or pelvic exam.  When you report to police, arrangements will be made for forensic examination and counseling through SART (Sexual Assault Response Team), located at Valley Medical Center, Santa Clara County.