Child Abuse

Teen family and relationship abuse screening
(3:20 min.)

Video clip courtesy of Family Violence Prevention Fund ©2003, all rights reserved. For a free 30 minute CD of 5 clinical interactions titled "Screen to End Abuse" contact FVPF.

   In response to abuse, teens in particular may be prone to:
> eating disorders
> dressing younger or older for age
> poor school performance
> self cutting
> depression
> substance abuse
> promiscuity
> suicidality
> running away
Screening Teens

Read Ethics and Privacy. It is especially important for teens to understand the limits of confidentiality up front, so that they don’t feel "betrayed" if you need to report.

Goals during interview

Framing the question

Asking indirectly – sample questions

Asking directly – sample questions


If the teen reveals past or present abuse:

If no abuse is revealed:

[Adapted from Family Violence Prevention Fund's Identifying and Responding to Domestic violence: Consensus Recommendations for Child and Adolescent Health]


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